About Us


Our Company Özkal Makine San. and Tic. with Mustafa Özkal's title, in 1984, started trading new and second hand machine tools in Bayrampaşa with the purchase and sale of the machine tools. In addition, since 1985, he has been active in various representations from Taiwan, People's Republic of China, Russia (then the USSR). We have been working since 2005 as Tezsan Team Tezgahları San. and Dış Tic.Paz.Ltd.Şti.

There are around 4500 Molding Mills, around 1750 Universal Turning Machines and about 700 Surface Grinding Machines working actively in Turkey which are imported by Tezsan Team Tezgahları San. and Dış Tic.Paz.Ltd.Şti.

Within the scope of after-sales maintenance services, all technical assistance belonging to all the machinery we import is given to our technicians. Again, all kinds of spare parts and spare parts belonging for these machines have been constantly stoned since we started importing.

In 2002, our company has established its new head office in İkitelli Organize San. Demirciler Sitesi which is 1500 m2. The brands we are currently representing are as follows:

Sunlike (All kinds of machine tools and equipments) Taiwan
ZMM Bulgaria (Universal Turning Machine) Bulgaria
ZMM Vratsa (Universal Lathe Machine) Bulgaria
King Spark (Electroerosion Machines) Taiwan
Yang Li (Eccentric Press Machine) China
Lunan (Molding-Universal Milling Machines) China
Weihai (Grinding Machines) China
Guilin (Radial Drilling Machine) China
Sunlike (All kinds of machine tools and equipments) - China

Our mission
With over 30 years of experience, service infrastructure and spare parts supply, we are able to serve our customers in the best possible way ...

Our vision
By keeping up with variable economic and technological conditions; to be a leading company in the sector to address anybody ...